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"  You will be so glad to know that this

fussy old lady is WELL PLEASED with

the beautiful job done on my very

needy lawn yest.


Quick and efficient and totally complete

so as I look from my window it is like a

park again.  "

Betty Droel

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

" Tim and Joe are the greatest! 

They did a fall clean up, lawn mowing and snow plowing for me. 

Fantastic job, on time and great rate! My neighbors were jealous! 

Definitely recommend for your lawn/snow!!! Get scheduled today! "

Melissa Freed

Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

" Tim with Lawn & Snow Solutions has done a wonderful job removing snow for me as well as outstanding lawn care. 

Tim has now contracted with the School I work for, and again, his excellent quality of work speaks for itself. 

I highly recommend him!!!!! "

Patti K.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

" Highly recommended! 

Great service! Also had my driveway plowed by them!! "

Becky Bauer

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

" When we hired Lawn & Snow Solutions to clean up a residential yard that had been neglected for more than five years, we were pleasantly astonished by the results they delivered.  They professionally resolved our lawn, brush, and tree challenges, plus surpassed our performance requirements and expectations.

You can always find someone who will charge less than someone else for yard and tree projects.  But if total satisfaction is what you desire, hire Lawn & Snow Solutions.  We're glad we did. "

Paul and Tracey Johnson

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

" Great customer service. Willing to go out of their way to help. Reasonable prices. 

Will do business with again. "

JM Jewel

Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

" Tim is very professional and courteous. He will go above and beyond for his customers. 

His service was very efficient, and I will definitely hire him back for any lawn or snow removal services. "

Jennifer Lynn

Minneapolis, Minnesota

" Great service...really fast!

I highly recommend for both lawn service and snow removal.

Very knowledgeable owner! "

John Bliss

Minneapolis, Minnesota

recommendation letters


Dear Sir or Madam, 

I am writing this letter with great pleasure to recommend Lawn and Snow Solutions for their outstanding lawn maintenance services. Having had the privilege of working with them over the past 4 years, I can wholeheartedly attest to their exceptional dedication, timeliness, and transparent communication. 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Lawn and Snow Solutions is their consistent commitment to timeliness. In today's fast-paced world, punctuality is a rare and invaluable trait, and Lawn and Snow Solutions has consistently exceeded our expectations in this regard. Their team consistently arrived at our property promptly, adhering to the agreed-upon schedule without fail. This level of reliability not only reflects their professionalism but also demonstrates a deep respect for their clients' time and commitments. 

Furthermore, Lawn and Snow Solutions goes above and beyond to ensure that their customers are fully informed about the occurrences related to their lawn maintenance services. Regular updates and clear communication are vital components of any successful business relationship, and Lawn and Snow Solutions excels in this area. They consistently provided us with comprehensive reports detailing the work done, any challenges faced, and recommendations for ongoing maintenance. This level of transparency not only instilled confidence in their services but also empowered us to make informed decisions about our lawn care.


In addition to their timeliness and excellent communication, the quality of Lawn and Snow Solutions work speaks volumes. Their attention to detail, skilled personnel, and utilization of top-notch equipment ensure that our lawn always looks well-maintained and vibrant. 

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly endorse Lawn and Snow Solutions as a top-tier lawn maintenance service provider. Their unwavering commitment to timeliness and transparent communication has significantly enhanced our experience as their clients. If you are seeking a reliable and professional lawn maintenance partner, I strongly encourage you to consider Lawn and Snow Solutions. Their dedication to excellence is truly exceptional. 

Thank you for considering my recommendation. I am confident that Lawn and Snow Solutions will continue to impress and exceed expectations.


Jeff Johnson 

Application Engineer 


277 12th Ave N Minneapolis MN 55401

July 12th, 2023

To Whom It Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Mr. Timothy Lowey for a maintenance person position that you may have open. As Tim's supervisor, I have had the opportunity to work with him in the building as the school's Director of Operations, and his work performance has been exceptionally well in all areas. The duty he excelled in was verifying material procurement, outsourcing vendors for the building's extension, and assisting in all day-to-day maintenance work. He was also very instrumental in planning and scheduling work that needs to be done by external vendors, following up on parts needed, and making sure we received three bids for every project.

In all of these instances, Tim performed at a very high level. He is clearly a person of acute intelligence who communicates clearly and internalizes concepts well. In the case of being in the building daily, he showed an ability to assess maintenance needs and to make positive, helpful, and directive recommendations to me that benefitted the school. He worked each day with the building manager, janitors, office staff, and other staff in leading peer mitigation of issues, modeling the feedback he wanted. He guided us to be engaged and participate in the building's maintenance. Tim also demonstrated an exceptional ability to relate to staff from a variety of backgrounds with a diversity of skills. This mixture of critical sensibilities and a caring demeanor should set him up well to work in your organization.

I would also point out that Tim has an outstanding work ethic, is very well organized, and works well with peers as well as supervisors. He also has very good skills in communication and understands the needs of the school building, and the school's expectations. Add all of this to his appealing personality and approachable work style, and it seems to me that you have a maintenance person who is much to be desired by any organization. I ask you to give his application your full consideration. He will fulfill your highest expectations. For further questions, I can be reached at or 612.465.8405.


Ismail Ahmed

Director of Operations

☆ Veteran Owned ☆

Team Mission

We are passionate about delivering an exceptional experience for our customers. When you hire us, you're hiring a team of skilled professionals - trained to deliver professional Lawn & Snow Solutions.

We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your lawn & snow needs.  We know that maintaining your property can be a hassle  We want to make maintenance of your property as easy and convenient as possible for you. 

Now Offering Vacuum Clean Up

Rake your lawn - we take away the mess !

Commercial & Residential

 We keep our client's business hours of operations in mind in order to minimize disruption and noise.

- Night & Weekend Mowing (Commercial)

- Edging 

- Spring & Fall Clean Up

- Storm Clean Up

- Hedge Trimming

- Weed Whacking

- Lawn Waste Bagging 

- Planting

- Mulching

- Irrigation Repair

- Aeration

- Garden Turn Down (Fall) 

We make outdoor spaces look the way you want.


We consult with you to meet your desired wishes, whether the work is one time, weekly or monthly. 


We do more than just cut grass.  Create your own package using one or all of our services. Package price will vary depending on what you choose. 

Snow Management

Lawn and Snow Solutions LLC serves the northern Twin Cities area.

Commercial / Residential   -  NO job too small.

- Contracts

- One Time Jobs

- Ice Management

More Services

Lawn & Snow Solutions offers many more services.   If you have questions about whether or not we provide a specific service feel free to call and ask.

- Sweeping  Paved Surfaces

- Tree Trimming & Removal

- Mulch Delivery & Installation

- Bobcat Service

- Landscaping Services

- Garden Weeding & Planting


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Harley Raking?

Harley Raking grinds and pulverizes any type of soil - removing high spots, filling low areas - all at once. 

After rough spreading with the bucket, the Harley Rake grades new black dirt to a level of perfection that cannot be achieved using a bucket or  leveling bar.

Because it is constantly loosening the soil, there are no worries of over-compaction.  The Harley Rake creates the perfect seed bed.